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Maintaining multiple systems is a common challenge that in the absence of integration can create many issues. Issues can range from lost productivity, compromised data quality, degraded user experience as well as inability to produce consolidated reports. Intellimedia is a leading expert in leveraging PowerSchool APIs and PowerSchool integration to achieve a seamless client experience.

Intellimedia Moodle Writeback

Intellimedia Moodle Writeback is a Moodle plugin which allows to write Moodle activities and their grades back to PowerSchool system. By default, plugin is using Intelilink sections synchronization for the writeback to PowerSchool, but other enrollment ways can be added.

A powerful data integration solution enabling seamless, scheduled syncing of information between PowerSchool and other functional systems such as LMS, fees, transportation, special education, as well as many others. InteliLink takes advantage of PowerSchool API to allow better communication and integration between systems.


  • Flexibility to customize the scope and frequency of data syncs
  • Flexibility to choose either automatic or manual data syncs
  • Seamlessly connect PowerSchool to multiple external applications
  • User-friendly interface
  • Secure transfer
  • Efficient linking of data to enable consolidated reporting


  • Eliminate double keying
  • Save time
  • Single Sign on
  • Improve data quality and accuracy
  • Reduce risk


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