Don't sweat the school stuff!

Simplifying the exchange of information between home and the school! With a single login, SchoolEngage makes registrations, forms, events and payments easier for everyone!

SchoolEngage is a comprehensive solution that facilitates interaction and communication, including exchange of information between key stakeholders within Schools and School Districts. Users including students, parents, as well as multiple types of staff each have a unique profile and account managed through a secure online interface. SchoolEngage enables schools and districts to publish Forms and Applications that can be completed and submitted online. Upon approval data integrates seamlessly with SIS through the write-back process, eliminating duplicate keying into multiple systems.

"SchoolEngage is an integral part of our school-family communications, and the service is truly superior!"

Christ The Redeemer Catholic Schools

Forget the paper, focus on progress!

Free up resources needed for manual paper registration and get big-picture insights for planning.
Save parents time and effort in completing forms while increasing data quality and accuracy.
Integrate school forms and payment options securely with no fuss.
Schedule P/T conferences, appointments, assessments, social activities and more online.

How it works

Sally’s class is going on a field trip. Her mom, Iris, receives an email about her daughter’s Grade 1 class going to the science centre. Iris logins into her parent account. She provides consent for the trip and pays for the fee all in one place. She even signs up to volunteer with the class – the process is streamlined and easy.

Simplifying school for parents, students & districts

Parents have busy schedules. SchoolEngage lets them do it all online - registration, fee payments, consent forms and more. They can skip the line-ups, and save time while staying in the loop.
Students can sign up for classes and activities without filling out a bunch of paperwork. They can receive alerts with custom notifications, too.
Schools & Districts
SchoolEngage makes school registrations and forms easy and efficient, so you can focus on the students. It’s a one-stop solution that simplifies everyone’s lives (including your own).

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