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The Dossier Counselling Module allows various entities (Parents, Teachers, Admins, etc.) to refer students to a Counsellor while providing specific information as to the reason of the referral. Counsellors will then accept the referral to their case load and work with the student directly to provide counselling services tailored to that student’s needs. The Counsellor will be able to log each meeting with the student directly through the interface and save specific notes. This will allow a full history of these meetings that the Counsellor and the Director(s) can view at any time in the future.


  • Create and manage student referrals
  • Meet with students and log every meeting and it's details
  • See the history of all referral status changes and meetings for a student
  • Setup notifications that need to acted on or as a reminder of an event
  • Dashboard/Analytics area to easily understand your counselling data
Dossier - Counseling
Dossier - Counseling
Dossier - Counseling

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