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Referrals Module

Managing student services available, provided, and organized by a school division is an important set of information that requires easy access to those who need it.

Students may be identified by staff as potentially requiring assistance to succeed. Supports such as: Learning Support Services, Psychology, Speech Language Pathology and many more could be supplied to the student. In order to do so:

  • School Staff (Principals, Learning Support Teachers) can discuss and request these services for students or in a group environment
  • Referrals Manager will review the referrals and:
  • Approve the referral
  • Request further information prior to approving the referral
  • Once approved, a Manager or Therapist will take ownership of the referral and create one or more cases (the work of a service provider)
  • While the case is open Therapists may perform specific actions, record case notes and upload additional file information
  • School users are able to view this information for specific students to use the suggestions or plan put forth by the Therapist

The Dossier Referrals Module helps track:

Referrals for student services
  • Speech Language Pathology, Learning Support Services, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, among others
Approval process
  • Specific individuals (set up as ''Manager'' user type) can review Referrals for service
Service Case creation
  • Therapists are assigned cases or create cases themselves for the approved referral
  • - Approve the referral
  • - Request additional information from the individual who made the referral
  • - Deny the referral (unneeded or duplicate/already in progress)
Case Actions
  • Actions such as an assessment, formal consultation, interventions/supports/strategies, etc can be identified as needed
  • These actions may require gathering of parent/guardian consent
  • Actions are date-stamped as completed when the action has been performed
Consent gathering (physical or electronic)
  • For actions designated as needing parent/guardian consent
  • Email notification
  • Web access to fill in consent form
Case Notes and Files
  • While working with the student a Therapist may record notes about the student: impressions, suggestions, background information and record when these took place
  • For more complex information files may be attached to the case (Assessments, planning resources, etc)
  • Both notes and files may be indicated as “Private” meaning that only a Referrals Manager or the originating Therapist can access them

Users, who work with student services, can be set up in the system as:

  • Full data access, reporting, approval
Learning Support Teachers/Principals
  • Submit referrals, tracking and student information
  • Case creation, action records, consent gathering, notes and files
External Therapists
  • Users outside the organization can be set up to access case actions assigned specifically to them

Student List

Filtering and searching parameters to find student(s) to create referrals for or to view the student's history.

Dossier - Referrals Module

Student History

Selecting a student allows the user to see:

  • Referrals made over time
  • Active Cases
  • Historic (Closed) Cases
Dossier - Referrals Module


The Referrals list lets users:

  • View and monitor the referrals that they have submitted
  • Approve referrals (Manager user type) individually or check multiple to approve
  • Create a Group Referral (not student specific, but resource access for a school, grade or class)
Dossier - Referrals Module

A Referral draws student information from the SIS and the user selects:

  • Reason(s) for the referral
  • What Type(s) of service is required
  • What specific service categories are requested
  • Additional information - text description of the reason for referral
  • Confirmation of the existence of files required for a referral
Dossier - Referrals Module

Once approved, Managers and Therapists may create Cases (the referral may require more than a single service provider to work with the student).

Dossier - Referrals Module

If any case actions require Consent to be gathered from parents/guardians, then the user must obtain and record consent:

  • Implied - spoke to the parent and obtained consent verbally
  • Manually by sending a form home and scanning/uploading to the consent area
  • Electronic - select a consent form and prefill any information needed
  • Email notification is sent to parent/guardian selected with a one time use token to access, fill in and submit the consent form
Dossier - Referrals Module

As the service providers work with the student Case Notes can be recorded and Files can be uploaded. A case is considered closed with all case actions have been completed.

Dossier - Referrals Module

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