Outcome Based Reporting

Tired of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? In other words are you frustrated with trying to get your student information system to enable Outcome Based Reporting when it has not been designed to do so? Look no further than eLuminate, an intuitive Outcome Based Reporting tool developed specifically for easy creation and customization of lesson plans rooted in curriculum driven outcomes. eLuminate makes the creation of report cards seamless, stress-free and most importantly provides students and their parents direct visibility to student progress against curriculum driven outcomes.

With eLuminate schools can truly evolve from a traditional grading system to outcome based reporting by enabling the customization of outcomes based on guidelines established by Alberta Education. It also allows teachers to be more granular in assessing not only student performance but also their effort. eLuminate helps Teachers to enhance and streamline curriculum planning, while allowing administrators greater visibility to teacher curriculum plans to ensure consistency and quality. In addition to time saved, teachers are better equipped to provide meaningful and relevant feedback to students and their parents.

This flexible tool integrates seamlessly into many leading student information systems such as PowerSchool to enable consolidated reporting and elimination of redundant data entry.


  • Ready populated district maintained Key Learner Objectives (KLOs)
  • Customize KLOs at teacher level
  • Course specific lesson plans mapped to specific KLOs
  • Consolidated reporting for student performance, effort and attendance
  • User friendly and intuitive
  • Descriptive and easy to read report cards
  • Single environment for teachers to create lesson plans and report cards
  • Evaluate students individually on multiple KLOs for multiple subjects
  • Evaluate students individually against outcomes for a varying grade levels
  • Detailed and descriptive report cards
  • Seamless integration to PowerSchool and other leading student information systems

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