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Collaborative Response (CR)

Access integrated Student Data and determine student cohorts. Users can determine the cohort of students they wish to monitor on an ongoing basis through their homepage, with easy access to the multiple functions of the Collaborative Response module.

Visually organize and access students in team boards, indicating current levels of support needed in coordination with a school's collaborative response to intervention model.

Conduct team meetings to identify and discuss the needs of multiple students, with all notes, actions and interventions determined then saved into individual student profiles.

Assign and track actions assigned to staff members to support students, with email notifications sent to staff members to ensure collective accountability.


  • Ability to develop team boards that visually display levels of support
  • Conduct team meetings that record notes for multiple students, with those notes then saved in individual student profiles
  • Evolving student profiles, to support student-based conversations and transitions
  • Record interventions, strategies and accommodations at the school and district level to assign to students
  • Assign actions to team members, with email notifications

Peace Wapiti School Division is excited about the development of the CR Module within Dossier. Having rich congregated data to inform our critical decisions in how to best support our students within a collaborative response model will allow our educators to maximize their time . Housing all the CR information in one location will improve efficiencies and allow our staff to focus on supporting students within a Quality Learning Environment; the core purpose of a collaborative response.

Darren Young
Assistant Superintendent, Peace Wapiti School Division No. 76

Dossier - Collaborative Response Model (CRM)
Dossier - Collaborative Response Model (CRM)
Dossier - Collaborative Response Model (CRM)
Dossier - Collaborative Response Model (CRM)
Dossier - Collaborative Response Model (CRM)

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