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Digital Student Records

The Dossier DSR Module makes it simple to process data in Dossier and PowerSchool, generate pdf reports based on that data and push those reports up to PASI. DSR is the solution to easily pass informatin into PASI student documents.

Dossier - Digital Student Records

As Dossier has access to many of the data sets that need to be in PASI, it can be a key piece in the solution.


  • Inclusive Ed documents (IPP, ISP, etc)
  • Student Benchmarking (Literacy/Numeracy)
  • ESL Benchmarks
  • etc.


  • Report Cards (Intellimedia custom Report Cards with archive feature)
  • Achievement Summary (generic "report card" - for those districts using other Report Card solutions)
  • etc.

The examples provided above have an important commonality - these documents exist for either all students or a large subset of students. In PASIprep any of these would have the following workflow:

  • Access PASIprep
  • Search/Find student
  • Go to student documents
  • Add
  • Fill in metadata
  • Upload document
  • Save
  • Repeat for next student

For documents enabled for Mass Push in DSR the workflow is:

  • Access DSR module
  • Select the document type and other parameters (like school filter for district users) - system displays all students with that dataset
  • Check all - Click Push to PASI
  • Wait until complete

For documents like report cards or IPPs this can be a massive time savings.


The DSR module also allows for individual student access which provides the ability to Push documents to PASI at any time. Student access also importantly provides the ability to view/download any documents that exist in PASI for the student.

Search – simple name based searching along with common filtering:

Dossier - Digital Student Records

Student Document Generation – preview and Push to PASI the document types created for your district:

Dossier - Digital Student Records

Student Document Generation Push to PASI – metadata defaulted, pdf preview, just need to confirm and click Push:

Dossier - Digital Student Records

Student PASI Documents – access to all documents in PASI for the student:

Dossier - Digital Student Records

Mass Push – select a document, check all, Push to PASI. The system will work through the list and upload the selected document for each student selected:

Dossier - Digital Student Records

Additional Features:

  • Queue – if PASI is not available or goes down, any document that has not yet been pushed will be queued for sending to PASI when it is again available
  • Extensive Logs:
    • Action: Get files, Push document, etc
    • Student
    • When
    • Who
    • Result: Queued, Succeeded, Failed
    • Filtering logs by result, queued, previously queued etc
    • Log data includes:
      • Error message if any from PASI
      • Metadata that was included in the action
      • PDF preview
Dossier - Digital Student Records Dossier - Digital Student Records

The DSR Module can also be integrated with CLASI rather than PASI if there is a need to specifically have the documents routed through CLASI. In practice most integrations will be via PASI.

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