A powerful education management system that provides insight into student performance and informs strategies to better meet the unique needs of each student. We always listen to clients’ needs and strive to advance innovation in the Education Technology sector.

SchoolEngage is a comprehensive solution that facilitates interaction and communication, including exchange of information between key stakeholders within schools and school districts. Students, Parents, and multiple types of staff each have a unique account managed through a secure online interface, and integrated directly with the SIS, Identity Source or HR System.

Leverage FlexSession for PowerSchool to create additional sessions beyond the normal school bell schedule. Parents and students can access and enroll in these additional sessions through the portal or a mobile device without any impact on the regular day-to-day PowerSchool sections and enrollments. FlexSession also enables the optimization of RTI programs to meet student needs.

Leverage Intellimedia PowerSchool Services to harness the full potential of PowerSchool! Optimize, integrate and customize PowerSchool to meet your individual student needs, increase organizational efficiency as well as gain deeper insight into student performance.

PowerSchool CTS (Career and Technology Studies) is a PowerTeacher Pro customization that streamlines the administration of a CTS curriculum. Our CTS Plugin allows teachers to have control over their modules and student enrollment without having to burden an already busy administrative office, thus saving time for both teachers and administrative staff. CTS adds reporting capabilities not readily available through PowerSchool or other means, including assignments and marks for modules, progress reports (all or some students), and who created modules.


Management and tracking of Individual Program/Education Plans results in significant time savings and effective collaboration of resources. Standardized district workflows and comprehensive reporting provide visibility to key data, trends, and results at a student, school, or district level.

Collaborative Response

Supporting students based on current evidence and collaborative discussions surrounding required supports. Actions such as interventions and strategies are provided and monitored for students requiring classroom, targeted, and specialized support.


Allows parents, teachers, and administrators to refer students to a counsellor. Counsellors will then accept the referral to their caseload and work with the student directly to provide counselling services tailored to that student’s needs.


Managing student services available, provided, and organized by a school division is an important set of information that requires easy access to those who need it. This includes supports such as: Learning Support Services, Psychology, Speech Language Pathology and more.

Behavior Tracking

  • Track behaviour events that occur (who, when, where, why)
  • Staff can manage response to events themselves (Classroom Managed) or escalate to Administration (Office Managed)
  • Office managed can include specific consequences (parental contact, loss of privilege, suspension, etc)
  • Reporting on when and where behaviour referrals occur, breakdown on types of events and more.