Assurance Dashboard


Management and tracking of Individual Program/Education Plans results in significant time savings and effective collaboration of resources. Standardized district workflows and comprehensive reporting provide visibility to key data, trends, and results at a student, school, or district level.

Collaborative Response

Supporting students based on current evidence and collaborative discussions surrounding required supports. Actions such as interventions and strategies are provided and monitored for students requiring classroom, targeted, and specialized support.


Allows parents, teachers, and administrators to refer students to a counsellor. Counsellors will then accept the referral to their caseload and work with the student directly to provide counselling services tailored to that student’s needs.


Managing student services available, provided, and organized by a school division is an important set of information that requires easy access to those who need it. This includes supports such as: Learning Support Services, Psychology, Speech Language Pathology and more.

Behavior Tracking

  • Track behaviour events that occur (who, when, where, why)
  • Staff can manage response to events themselves (Classroom Managed) or escalate to Administration (Office Managed)
  • Office managed can include specific consequences (parental contact, loss of privilege, suspension, etc)
  • Reporting on when and where behaviour referrals occur, breakdown on types of events and more.