A powerful education management system that provides insight into student performance and informs strategies to better meet the unique needs of each student. We always listen to clients’ needs and strive to advance innovation in the Education Technology sector.

A data management system that enables school districts to share and manage student information and education indicators, such as literacy and numeracy benchmarks, demographics, attendance analytics, achievement, special education programming, and PAT and Diploma analysis, as well as collaborative response, a referral system, a counselling module, and leverage analytics that allow educators to efficiently identify students who need intervention.

Alexander (Sandy) McDonald

Superintendent of Schools, Grand Prairie Public School Division

Intellimedia has been a valued partner of the Grande Prairie Public School Division for many years, and I greatly appreciate the relationships we have developed and the support we have received from the Intellimedia team to manage data and information in our division. As our use of Dossier and SchoolEngage have evolved over the years, one constant I especially appreciate has been the commitment of the Intellimedia team to remain focused and responsive on our needs to support continuous improvement in our data management processes.


student learner profile

Our Student Learner Profile brings together a collection of literacy, numeracy and other assessments and benchmarks including provincial achievement tests to provide a powerful view of the current performance of an individual student, as well as trends over time.

Collaborative Response

Supporting students based on current evidence and collaborative discussions surrounding required supports. Actions such as interventions and strategies are provided and monitored for students requiring classroom, targeted, and specialized support.

Brian Wildcat

Superintendent, Maskwacis Education School Commission

Actionable data was the focus of our data-informed practices by using Dossier for our Strategic Plan, a component of the Dossier Executive Dashboard that allows access to student, engagement, and operational data that is easily accessed with a focus on supporting student learning and success.


Management and tracking of Individual Program/Education Plans results in significant time savings and effective collaboration of resources. Standardized district workflows and comprehensive reporting provide visibility to key data, trends, and results at a student, school, or district level.


Allows parents, teachers, and administrators to refer students to a counsellor. Counsellors will then accept the referral to their caseload and work with the student directly to provide counselling services tailored to that student’s needs.

attendance analytics

Leverage Dossier to analyze attendance data from SIS to provide detailed attendance information per student and as aggregate data for student groups, schools, and districts.


Managing student services available, provided, and organized by a school division is an important set of information that requires easy access to those who need it. This includes supports such as: Learning Support Services, Psychology, Speech Language Pathology and more.

Danica Martin

Assistant Superintendent, Wolf Creek Public Schools

Dossier allowed our division to streamline student documentation and ensure that students information is readily available to our teachers and administrators all in one place. The ease of the data sets produced by Dossier have been leveraged by our senior leadership team and our Board of Trustees for strategic planning, review and reflection, and advocacy. The service that Intellimedia has provided is excellent, they are responsive and easy to work with.


Dossier integrates with Alberta Education data to perform PAT analysis on student achievement as well as aggregate data and trends overtime. As well item analysis.

digital student records

Digital student records makes it simple to process data in Dossier and PowerSchool, generate PDF reports based on that data, and push those reports and documents in Dossier up to Alberta PASI.


Dossier integrates with Alberta Education data to perform Diploma analysis on student achievement as well as aggregate data and trends overtime. As well item analysis.

Assurance measures

Assurance measures provides easy access for stakeholders to the Alberta Education Assurance Measures data, with dashboards and tables to identify areas to celebrate as well as identify areas to target for improvement.

Address The Required Provincial Measures & Local Components for Domains:

• Student Growth & Achievement      • Learning Supports 
• Teaching & Leading                            • Governance

Toward a Comprehensive Assurance Dashboard

The Assurance Dashboard brings all district data into one area for enhancing decision making and informing the practice and planning of the school division. It addresses the required Provincial Measures & Local Components for Domains: Student Growth & Achievement, Teaching & Leading, Learning Supports & Governance.

Dossier Assurance Dashboard is flexible in integrating data from SIS, HR, Alberta Education, & other sources and provide analytics & trendingas well as relationships between all these key districts indicators.

Darren Young

Deputy Superintendent, Peace Wapiti Public School Division

Intellimedia has been a valued partner in the development of our Assurance Dashboard. Dossier has taken our vision of data visualization and usability and worked with us to make our vision a reality. This partnership will assist our educators and educational leaders in assessing progress in real time using provincial and local measures and allow our School Division to provide robust assurance to our school communities.